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Musée de la Nacre et de la Tabletterie

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Méru, France
Lusso and Laurent
City of Meru
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In 1998, Avesta Group took place in the creation of a museum dedicated to mother of pearl and tablet-making activity.


Maintaining an Inheritance of More Than 400 Years Old

Housed in a former factory of the 19th century, The Musée de la Nacre (Mother-of-Pearl Museum) of Méru strives to maintain a once-thriving local craft set to disappear. From the 17th century, peasants in the surrounding countryside produced Tablet-making's objects at home during winter months, this season being fruitless for agriculture.
They worked on natural materials such as mother of pearl, bones, ivory, tortoiseshell and ebony. Thus they made luxurious objects such as fans, dance cards or more useful items like buttons or dominoes.


History of the Museum

In the seventies, a small group of people caring of local history, aware of the eventual disappearance of the Tablet-making, began to think of establishing a museum. Several associations concerned with culture rapidly joined them. Together, they saved a significant number of machines and items sprung from this traditional industry.
The project of the museum took concrete form in 1992 with the founding of the District des Sablons (Today: Communauté de Communes des Sablons).
With the support of the region, of the State and the department, in 1999 the Mother of Pearl Museum is established after three years of construction work.

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