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Musée du Haras national d'Hennebont

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Lorient, France
Agence Guliver
City of Lorient
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In 1998, Avesta Group used its skills in project management to transform a French haras into a dynamic cultural centre offering activities around the horse and horse riding.


The National Haras of Hennebont

Near Lorient, the medieval city of Hennebont is one of the entries of Brittany's canals. For more than 150 years, the Haras of Hennebont is a historical and prestigious place, the heritage of a long-term relationship between men and horses. Known as the birthplace of the Breton workhorses, the functions of the Haras has evolved since its establishment. From the selection and reproduction of several races, it developed sports and leisure activities, attracting more and more people from the region and further, gathered around seven stables, two courts, a saddlery and houses.  


A Cultural Centre for Passionates of Horses

Today, haras is opened to visitors who can discover the site and its surroundings. But the focus here is about the numerous events and activities proposed to all generations: day and night performances, celebrations in summer and winter, horse riding, cabarets… The Haras is a living testimony of an old culture.


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