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MARe - Museum of Romanian Recent Art

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Bucharest, Romania
YTAA - Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates
Roger Akoury
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In 2016, Avesta Group has played a crucial role in the planning and the architectural development of the Museum of Romanian Recent Art.


A new experience of the Romanian Art

With its unique and alternative approach to art and visual production, MARe will offer an original experience of modern and contemporary art in Romania, putting together history and visuality for a better perception of the present day.  

MARe will be the only place to see a permanent collection of Romanian art of the past 50 years. It will be the most massive reunion available of masterpieces by outstanding artists from the 1960’s onwards. 

Pioneer, it pushes forward the boundaries of the conventional concept of an art museum, towards more anthropological ends and hectic, personal experiences. MARe is built upon the original and exclusive idea of Recent Art. 

MARe will bring a profile of the modern Romanian civilisation through artistic production, reads art through the magnifying glass of social contexts and continuously questions the relation between art and society. 

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