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Brest, France
Jacques Rougerie
City of Brest
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In 2000, Avesta Group participated in the extension of Oceanopolis by implementing its skills in management et coordination.


An Innovative Project About the Oceans

Oceanopolis is a public attraction which belongs to the town of Brest and is managed by Brest’aim, a public-private company. Through three pavilions dedicated to the polar, tropical and temperate marine ecosystems, Oceanopolis immerses visitors in an underwater universe to discover flora and fauna of oceans around the world. A fourth pavilion houses the main
temporary exhibition on marine biodiversity. The ocean discovery park goes further still, purposely combining a scientific approach with a spectacular presentation of life in the oceans. This original approach, the ambition and the scale of the site, and the innovative way in which the themes are addressed are at the heart of Oceanopolis’ notoriety.


The Scientific Interest of this Attraction

A real asset for tourism in western Brittany, Oceanopolis has welcomed nearly 5 million visitors since its extension in 2000.
A perfect opportunity for French oceanographic research to display its most recent findings, Oceanopolis is continuously evolving in partnership with great scientific institutions and maritime professionals. As home to 60% of French oceanographic researchers and engineers, Brest is the European capital of oceanography.
In total, Oceanopolis is: of 8,720 sq.m of visiting areas, 50 aquariums (3.7 million litres of seawater) accommodating for more than a thousand animal species, exhibits, videos, shows, a complete educational programme for children for all school ages, as well as restaurants and shops.

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