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In 2006, Avesta Group took a prominent part as a cultural planner in the elaboration of the Parlementarium in Brussels.


The European Parliament’s Visitors’ Centre

The Parlamentarium is the visitors' centre of the European Parliament. Located in the Parliament's Espace Léopold complex in Brussels, it was officially inaugurated by the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek.
Since its opening on October 11th, 2011, the Parlamentarium in Brussels has offered a unique and dynamic experience for children and adults.  Visitors to the Parlamentarium participate in a series of interactive exhibitions on the themes of the history of European Integration, the functioning of the European Parliament and the impact of decisions made by the Parliament on the daily life of citizens.


Visit Based on Multilingual Multimedia

Each visitor is equipped with a personal multimedia guide (PMG) which guides him or her through the exhibition. All content in the Parlamentarium is available in the 23 EU languages and tours are also being held for children and the blind/deaf people. At each station, the PMG serves as a key and activates the visitor's chosen language displays in-depth information and short films in the visitor's desired language.
In addition to the main exhibition, the Parlamentarium offers a role-playing game for school groups (age 14-18 years) that invites them to become a member of parliament for the day and encourages them to demonstrate crucial ‘active citizenship' skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, research and reflection and decision-making.

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