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Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Centre

In 2017, a new economic development zone is created near Lanzhou in Gansu Province, China. Avesta Group was missioned to elaborate a Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Centre for this unique city.


A Centre Dedicated to Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange

A destination for both local and tourists alike, the Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Center will be a whole indoor and outdoor complex offering an appropriate mix of cultural uses, integrated multi-learning, cultural and recreational facilities.  

Place where to be inspired, and that will bring peoples of China and Russia together, the Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Center will be a dynamic and vibrant Cultural Forum, dedicated to fostering and advancing the dialogue between China and Russia in the cultural field with a particular focus on visual arts, design and crafts.  


A Place for Art and Culture in the New City of Lanzhou

The Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Center will be a global leader of knowledge creation, a place of congregation where creative people professionals and amateurs can work, meet and exchange around an iconic Russian collection of significant significance and a rich programme of activities. 

Offering a multi-dimensional visitor experience – continuous and changing over the hours of the day and times of the years, the Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Center is a unique cultural brand that gives spaces for arts and cultures to express fully and show its production and vitality within interdisciplinary perspectives. 

Overall, it is a space for the encouragement and promotion of creative arts, a place to experience the creative process and for community engagement. 

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