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Cité des Enfants

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Paris, France
Adrien Fainsilber
Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie
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In 2000, Avesta Group continued its work with the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie by developing a space specially dedicated to children


Originally: Children City for 5-12 years

This exhibition was designed exclusively for children from 5 to 12 years old! Exciting games, activities and discoveries await them in 6 themed areas: Body, Communication, TV studio, Water games, Garden, Factory.
For example, they can measure how fast they run, test their balance, have a makeover, work with a friend to complete a mission, learn to write "house" in Chinese... play a television presenter, appear in a film's special effects or produce the energy to power a television...
These games are exclusive to this exhibition, and they don't need any help from adults to play! They will discover scientific and technical phenomena while having fun, which will make them more curious and knowledgeable.


Since 2009: Children City for 2-7 years

The Cité des Enfants (Children City), now open to children aged from 2 to 7, is a special place for an adult too. It is organised in 1700 sqm and divided into five thematic areas: I discover myself, I know how to do, I find myself, I experience, all together.
The three major themes focus on the development of the child and their physical, cognitive and spatial skills. Children can test their flexibility and their senses, watch themselves in the mirrors, listen to their emotions, play with balance, sounds and letters, and explore pathways and mazes, setting their body in motion.
The following two themes provide an opening to the world and others. Children can watch, play and experiment with physical phenomena: water, air and light. They work with other children to build a house or participate in a collective performance of a circus act
To help adults find their place in this space, pictograms suggest playing with their child, encouraging them, or merely observing them.
Particular attention has been paid to the disabled public, and many activities are accessible to all handicapped persons. Disabled guides have also been taken into account: braille texts are available to parents who are blind.

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