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La Cité du Vin

The Bordeaux-based wine museum and cultural centre are known as La Cité du Vin opened its doors on June 1st, 2016. Avesta Group has worked on the project since 2012, by developing the concept and the cultural programming.


An Architectural Landmark for Bordeaux

It draws visitors into an unparalleled discovery of wine-growing civilisations from all over the world. The value of the Cité du Vin is anchored in two propositions: the construction of a world-class museum in a building with remarkable architecture uniquely suited to its purpose; a spectacular voyage through time, history and the cultures of the world to learn about wine.
The shape of the building is said to symbolise the spiral flow of wine swirling in a glass.


An Immersive, Multi-Sensory Experience

The latest technological innovations were used in the scenography, including 3D images, holograms, smell diffusers, music and other interactive tools. The results is an immersive, multi-sensory experience. The visitors are also able to make the most of shops, restaurants and a wine tourism service for further information about and tickets to the surrounding vineyards. A five-star hotel with 150 rooms, a shopping centre and a boat shuttle service will expand the site even further.

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