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From 2005 to 2006, Avesta Group was in charge to develop a new private institution in Paris: Le Laboratoire, a cultural space mixing art and science. Based on the described objectives, and taking into account the unique context of project development, we proposed a full concept and business model.


A Place for the Reconciliation of Art and Science

The idea of creating a place where art and science confront was born in a laboratory conference room which discusses the transformation of stem cells at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, USA.

Soon the dialogue between science and art became David Edward’s thinking space and Le Laboratoire its tangible expression. Le Laboratoire opened its 1300 sqm in central Paris in 2007 as the core-cultural lab of the international network, Artscience Labs. It was a contemporary art and design centre in central Paris, where artists and designers experimented at the frontiers of science.
2 to 3 temporary exhibitions per year of experiments and confrontations between art and science were presented to the public.


A Place of Experimentations

In the Laboratoire, David Edwards worked closely with artists and designers, including chefs, composers, and contemporary artists.
Among David's commercialized innovations since the opening of Le Laboratoire in 2007 are Andrea (a plant-based filter that accelerates filtration of toxic gases by plant matter), Le Whif Chocolate (chocolate without calories), Le Whif Coffee (coffee without the cup), Le Whaf (a generator of flavor clouds for fine dining), CellBag (a cell-inspired bag for carrying water in the developed and developing world), the AeroShot (aerodynamic caffeine,) and WAIHH Quantum Sensations with designer Philippe Starck.
Le Laboratoire opened in 2007 and was an immediate success, both with the Public but also a very sustainable financial model.
After closing in 2014, the lab joined Cambridge near the MIT and Harvard campuses. Edwards opened a new location there: The Cambridge Lab, a partner at Café ArtScience.
Since then, experiments and exhibitions continue in Cambridge, and the Paris gallery is closed to the public.

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