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Al Khozam Palace - King Abdulaziz Museum

Since 2017, Avesta Group is in charge of the development of Khozam Palace into a cultural destination.


Al Khozam Palace - King Abdulaziz Museum is a cultural and recreational new venue for Jeddah located in its venerable al-Nuzla al Yamania district in one of the most historically significant heritage buildings in the city.


Creating a vibrant open environment, the Al Khozam Palace - King Abdulaziz Museum is the leading cultural and social destination where a comprehensive and memorable experience is delivered.


The museum is the standing symbol of Saudi history and future and a testament to the unity of its people. The Museum is about heritage and history, but even more, it is about the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s founding father and the Kingdom’s present and imminent position as a leader in matters economic, diplomatic, technological, artistic and Islamic. Ultimately it asks the visitors to contemplate the identity and character that Saudi Arabia carries into the future.


Conceived for the benefit of the general public, it is a place of learning and civic engagement, where one can learn connected pasts. It invites all segments of Saudi society and tourists to stroll into the palace and discover the history of the late King Abdulaziz and Saudi-Aramco and delve into their vision for a sustainable future through a dynamic and innovative programme of exhibitions and activities.




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