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Europa City

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Gonesse, Франция
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)
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In 2010, Avesta Group's planning skills were implemented for a mall of a new kind, a pace reinventing retail and leisure.


A Mall, but not Only

EuropaCity is a unique destination of intense and multiple experiences to live and share: living culture, leisure, shopping and organic gastronomy. As a district of "Le Grand Paris", it is designed on a human scale. Eight buildings dedicated to specific activities were the subject of an international architectural competition.


A Cultural Place

It is a place where culture is a celebration, with permanent locations and continuously renewed programmes for a more stimulating life. In the cultural field, EuropaCity offers an art exhibition center, reinventing the usual museum visit by associating digital and immersive experiences, an event venue, multimodal and extendable, a cultural center dedicated to the 7th art and a cultural center for children, offering an area for development and discovery with a range of fun and educational activities to practice with the family.

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