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Musée du Président Jacques Chirac

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Sarran, Франция
Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Department of Correze
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In 2000, Avesta Group implemented its skill in the creation of a new museum destined to host a collection of gifts given to Jacques Chirac when he was the France President.

The Musée du Président Jacques Chirac (President Jacques Chirac Museum), in Sarran, in the heart of the massif des Monédières in Corrèze, houses a collection of gifts given to the President during his official duties.

The Museum's principal vocation is, through the two hundred gifts on permanent exhibition, to create a living picture of today's world. Each object is a physical and symbolic trace of the meetings and international events which have marked the President's 12-year in office.

The resolutely modernist museum building, with its clear outlines, was designed by one of the masters of contemporary architecture, Jean-Michel Wilmotte.

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