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Musée Emile Hermès

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Париж, Франция
Рена Дюма (Rena Dumas)

In 2010, Avesta Group worked on the concept of the Emile Hermès Museum, to transform a secret curiosity cabinet into a place of inspiration.


A Secret Museum in Paris’ Heart

Founded by Emile-Maurice Hermès, the Museum is located on the second floor of the brand’s flagship store on Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. Originally opened only to Hermès’ staff and selected guests, it has been transformed to accommodate delicate objects collected from Emile-Maurice Hermès travels. Hermès make not all of the exhibits. In fact, many of the shows are equestrian-related objects and antiques acquired from auctions or other collectors.


A Space Dedicated to Inspiration

Today, the museum is more than an exhibition hall but rather a source of inspiration for Hermès' designers. Every Tuesdays, Maison's artisans are invited to visit the museum for inspiration. It’s also a place frequented by Hermès’ designers for accessories, ready-to-wear and crystal ware.

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