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Qasr Al Hosn Exhibition Centre

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Абу-Даби, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты
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In 2010, Avesta Group worked on the planning of a new exhibition centre in the district of Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi.


The Achor Activity for the Creation of a Cultural Quarter

The planning of the Qasr Al Hosn exhibition centre is an essential step in the effort to achieve the ambition of making the new quarter into a real cultural and leisure destination. As such, it aims to be the heart of the new quarter and to “compete” for the coveted cultural tourists among the best museums and cultural centres in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates. The Exhibition Centre will be the cornerstone and energising centre for Qasr Al Hosn and its cultural development. It will be the driving force, in collaboration with the other institutions, through a mutually reinforcing mix of activities.


An Exceptional Site

The exhibition centre will take advantage of the support of the different partners and the exceptional site to offer:
1.    A place of high-quality entertainment
2.    A concept accessible to all, an alternative to traditional museums
3.    A place to learn about Contemporary Art and increase awareness on Contemporary Art
4.    A location for displaying Arab art
5.    An ideal location for receiving blockbuster exhibitions
6.    A place where commercial and private events can be held.
Qasr Al Hosn Fort is partially open to the public and already used as an exhibition centre and hosting cultural events on a regular basis.

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